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Featured Labs

Accredited labs share what prompted them to accredit their lab as well as the value they find and the challenges they faced.  If you are interested in having your lab featured, please complete the Featured Lab Submission Form.  


Current Featured Lab

Henry Ford Hospital Electrodiagnostic Lab

Lab Medical Director: Naganand Sripathi, MD

What prompted you to accredit your lab initially?
To demonstrate to the medical community that our lab was performing high quality electrodiagnostic studies.

What value or benefits have you seen from accreditation?
1. Increased referrals from insurers and outside practitioners who prefer to use accredited labs 2. Recognition from internal and external practitioners about the quality of the studies provided.

How did going through the accreditation process help you shore up or improve processes and procedures?
We enhanced our documentation of patient history and brief neurologic examination in the patient report.

What did you learn by going through the accreditation process?
1. AANEM staff were very helpful in facilitating the process toward achieving accreditation 2. Process is not as hard as it seems in the beginning.

What was the most challenging portion of the application?

Did anything about the accreditation process surprise you? If so, what?

Why should others accredit their laboratory?
It will help you gain recognition about meeting standards in the electrodiagnostic medicine. It will also increase your exposure locally and nationally.

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Past Featured Labs

9/12/2018 - Henry Ford Hospital Electrodiagnostic Lab

7/1/2018 - EMG Labs of AARA

6/30/2018 - SSM Saint Louis University Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory






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