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Got a question about NM/EDX medicine? Need answers? Visit AANEM Connect, Our New Online Discussion Forum


Working on a particularly challenging patient case? Or, perhaps you have a general question and would like opinions from other neuromuscular specialists. Wouldn’t it be great to tap into the expertise of all of AANEM’s members in one place? Now you can! AANEM has launched a new members-only online discussion forum, AANEM Connect, accessible via the front page of the AANEM website. 
AANEM Connect is a place for our members to reach out to one another for guidance or advice. It’s another venue for members to connect with one another about professional matters and gives them a place to bounce ideas off of each other,” explained Jay Schwinefus, AANEM Marketing & Membership Director. “The overall hope is that it will serve as another resource to help our members deliver excellent patient care.”
Devon I. Rubin, MD, believes the forum provides an opportunity for members to seek “real input on real questions that come up in everyday practice.”
“Sometimes questions arise in which the answers aren’t readily available in textbooks. Obtaining the input and experience from experts or other experienced members provides a valuable resource to improve the care of our patients,” said Dr. Rubin.  
How does AANEM Connect work?
Before you can use AANEM Connect, you first need to be a member of the AANEM. Then, you will need to agree to the terms and conditions of the site. Any AANEM member can post a question and any member can respond to that question; however, there is a volunteer team standing by to ensure that answers are provided to questions within 48 hours. 
“If you have a question regarding the diagnosis or treatment of neuromuscular disorders or electrodiagnosis, don’t hesitate to submit it! It is very likely that others will have the same problem or question and would be interested in hearing the responses,” said Dr. Rubin. “Asking questions ultimately helps us learn and this is a great opportunity for more learning from each other. The more our members use the forum, the more valuable it will become!”
If you are not currently an AANEM member and would like to gain access to AANEM Connect, join AANEM today! 
Active Discussion Threads
Below are the current discussion threads out on AANEM Connect. Take a look at the threads, respond with your thoughts, and/or consider a new question to throw out to your fellow members.  
  • Seeking assistance understanding and localizing a lesion in a patient
  • Appropriate to use “demyelinating” or “demyelination” to explain localized conduction slowing? 
If you have questions about AANEM Connect, contact AANEM Communications

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