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Exciting Workshops Coming to 2019 AANEM Annual Meeting

Going to the 2019 AANEM Annual Meeting, but unsure of which workshops to add to your schedule? There are many to choose from featuring new faculty, fresh information, and chances to further enhance your knowledge base in neuromuscular medicine.

Read on to see why the workshops listed would each be a great addition to your Annual Meeting schedule. Click here to add workshops.
  • Advanced Autonomic Testing (Moved from Saturday to Wednesday)
    • This workshop will go over the EMG basics, along with blood pressure response to Valsalva maneuver and quantitative sudomotor axon reflex testing (qsart). Great to learn more about testing and workup of patients with autonomic symptoms or disorders. 
    • Dr. Amanda Peltier will host, a neurologist who began her career specializing in peripheral neuropathy, but quickly became interested in autonomic disorders. She enjoys sharing her experience with testing and daignosis of autonomic disorders and teaching how these disorders present in neuromuscular practices. Autonomic testing also comes up as a board exam question for the neuromuscular boards, so she's happy to help her fellow neurologists pass!
  • MSK US of Lower Limb
    • Learn methods of reliably identifying difficult to sample muscles for EMG and chemodenervation procedures.
    • Dr. Lester S. Duplechan will host as a new faculty member to the AANEM Annual Meeting. After 15 years in private practice, teaching drew him back to academic medicine. He's excited to bring a hands-on, practical approach to the workshop, allowing participants to get immediate, tactile feedback and tips to improve their evaluation skills.
  • US Guidance for Neurotoxins
    • Gain some hands-on experience with US scanning and muscle pattern recognition. This workshop will provide a review of basic ultrasound physics/scanning techniques and teach pattern recognition for identification of key muscles in the forearm and calf. 
    • Hosted by Dr. Katherine E. Alter, board-certified in pediatrics, PMR, pediatric PMR and electrodiagnostic medicine. Her clinical practice spans three decades, and she currently serves as medical director of the Functional and Applied Biomechanics Sextikn at NIH. 
  • NCS Workshop
    • A hands-on workshop for nerve conduction studies, with demonstration and opportunities for questions. Great for Certified Nerve Conduction Technologists to hone their skills.
    • This workshop co-hosted by Drs. Teresa Spiegelberg and Gary Gallagher will provide a unqiue, potentially customizable experience for attendees. They will include several cases that highlight some basic and advanced nerves, reptetitive stimulation, and some technical issues that arise during nerve conductions. 
  • Telehealth for ALS (New Workshop!)
Learn about emerging telehealth models, including information on the pragmatic aspects of establishing a telehealth clinic. There is clear need for accessible medical for persons with ALS who are limited by distance and disability; physicians may consider implementing telehealth into their home facilities to improve access for these patients.
Hosted by Drs. Ileana Howard and Michael Elliott, they will bring their experience practicing ALS telehealth, sharing with attendees how meaningful this is to provide care close to home for patients. They will provide practical tools to rapidly improve care for persons with neuromuscular disease. They are hopeful that this workshop will simplify telehealth to the point that participants will leave ready to launch this service upon return to their practices. 
  • Blink Reflex
    • Hosted by renowned neurologist Dr. Jun Kimura, this workshop will show attendees how to utilize this technique to assess polyneuropathy, facial palsy, and hemifacial spasm, among other conditions.
    • In contrast to the ordinary nerve conduction studies, which examines distal segments of the limb nerves, blink reflexes assess the cranial nerves and brainstem. This is Dr. Kimura's self-proclaimed favorite topic of neurology. 
  • NCS Pitfalls
    • Learn how to identify and resolve many NCS pitfalls to better define and diagnose NM pathology and avoid technical errors. There are many NCS pitfalls that can have a major impact on study results, interpretation, and quality. This workshop will address the issues that all electrodiagnosticians should be aware of.
    • Hosted by Dr. Bassam A. Bassam, a senior neuromuscular subspecialist and noted electrodiagnostician. He feels it is his obligation and part of his personal mission in medicine to address NCS pitfalls, aiming to reduce their impact on study results and clinical outcomes. 
  • Repetitive Nerve Stimulation
    • This special workshop, hosted by Dr. Taylor Harrison, is for residents and fellows only. It will review basic neuromuscular junction physiology and provide an opportunity to practice RNS to enhance understanding of various clinical patterns seen in myasthenic syndromes and apply this knowledge effectively in clinical practice. 
    • Dr. Harrison is excited to present a great teaching and learning opportunity for residents and fellows in an interactive, small group setting. He serves as clinical neurophysiology program director and neurology clerkship director at Emory University. 

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