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September Action Alert: New Congressional Sign On Letter

Help advocate for quality patient care in electrodiagnistic (EDX) medicine by contacting your House Representative to ask them to join the bipartisan sign on letter to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).
Following the Senate’s outreach to CMS in support of ensuring that only quality providers perform EDX medicine, the House of Representatives is carrying the conversation forward. Bipartisan House members, Congressmen Walden (R-OR), Butterfield (D-NC), Sessions (R-TX), and Garamendi (D-CA) have prepared a letter aggressively urging CMS to collaborate with the stakeholder community and to take further steps to eliminate fraud, abuse, and poor quality testing.
This letter shows CMS there is bipartisan, bicameral interest in this issue on Capitol Hill. The more House Representatives that sign the letter, the more powerful the signal to CMS. Congress is only in session for the month of September, so your House Representative will need to be educated and asked to sign the letter during this time. To officially “sign on” to the current letter, your representative will need to contact Dr. Kristen Shatynski in the office of Congressman Walden.

Take Action
  • Contact AANEM’s Washington D.C. representative, Dane Christiansen (Christiansen@hmcw.org), to tell him that you would like to ask your House Representative to join the House EDX medicine sign on letter. Please provide him with your city and state.
  • Dane will provide you with the e-mail addresses for the Health Legislative Assistant (LA) in the office of your Representative.
  • Please send the Health LA a brief e-mail like the one below, CC to Dane, and attaching the sign-on letter and accompanying “Dear Colleague” letter. Feel free to personalize the message, or to reach out to specific congressional staff if you already have a relationship with the office. 
Dear [Staff Member’s Name],
My name is ___________ and I am a constituent from [hometown or area of practice]. I hope your office will join the attached patient care sign on letter that is currently being circulated by Congressmen Walden (R-OR), Butterfield (D-NC), Sessions (R-TX), and Garamendi (D-CA).
Due to increasing utilization, CMS has deeply slashed reimbursement rates for electrodiagnostic medicine. However, the increased utilization is primarily driven by fraudulent testing that delivers no valuable healthcare information to impacted patients and is largely unaffected by reimbursement cuts. The current dynamic in patient care is creating challenges for diagnosing and treating conditions such as ALS, muscular dystrophies, and neuropathies. This letter urges CMS to work with patient and professional stakeholders on quality care as well as addressing fraud and abuse (as outlined in a 2014 OIG Report).
To join this letter, please contact Kristen Shatynksi in Congressman Walden’s office at Kristen.Shatynski@mail.house.gov or 5-6730. Thank you for considering this request.
[Your Name]
[Your Address] 

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