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Recap: 2016 AMA House of Delegates Annual Meeting

Recap: 2016 AMA House of Delegates Annual Meeting

The American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates (HOD) met in Chicago, IL on June 11-15, 2016, for its annual meeting. The HOD reviewed issues including effectively addressing the current opioid crisis, encouraging Congress to fund research into gun violence, establishing extensive policy to address lead contamination in the water in Flint, MI, and across the nation, and addressing the potential implications of insurance mergers.
Andy Slavitt, the Acting Administrator at CMS, spoke to the full HOD on June 13. His speech focused on the implementation of the MACRA legislation via CMS’s proposed rule which was released at the end of April. He stressed CMS’s efforts to directly engage physicians and physician organizations in the development of the proposed rule and his hopes that the physician community will continue to provide feedback once the rule is implemented.
AANEM was represented at the meeting by Bill Pease, MD, delegate; Enrica Arnaudo, MD, PhD, alternate delegate; and, for the first time, Sarah Yang, MD, Resident/Fellow Section delegate. The AANEM works closely with the delegations from the American Academy of Neurology and the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Drs. Pease and Arnaudo also maintain close ties with their state delegations, Ohio and Delaware. The AANEM also participates in the Neurosciences Caucus, which consists of the specialty societies concerned with the nervous system. Of additional note, Claire Wolfe, MD, an AANEM member and past president of the association, was re-elected as the delegate for the newly formed Senior Physicians Section.
The meeting concluded with the inauguration of Dr. Andrew Gurman, a hand surgeon from Hollidaysburg, PA, as the 171st president of the AMA.
The AANEM delegation is looking forward to the Interim meeting of the HOD this November in Orlando, FL.
Pictured in photo: AANEM members Bill Pease, MD, and Enrica Arnaudo, MD, PhD.

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