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Join the American Medical Association: Benefits for Physicians & AANEM

In order to best serve the subspecialty of electrodiagnostic and neuromuscular medicine, AANEM encourages all of its physician members to join the American Medical Association (AMA). Not only does an AMA membership provide several personal benefits to you as a physician, but it also helps AANEM better advocate on your behalf.   
How Your AMA Membership Helps AANEM Advocacy Efforts 
  • When AANEM members join the AMA, AANEM’s representation in the AMA House of Delegates (HOD) is strengthened. The HOD is the policymaking body of the AMA. 
  • AANEM’s number of AMA members also impacts our influence in the Relative Value Scale Update Committee (RUC) and the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Editorial Panel.   
“The AMA remains one of the strongest voices, if not the strongest voice, for physicians on Capitol Hill and with Medicare. AANEM’s representation in the AMA’s House of Delegates gives us a seat at the table during coding and reimbursement discussions and strengthens our access to policy makers. It also gives us the ability to influence all aspects of health policy, from MACRA to graduate medical education, on both the state and federal levels. Without a critical mass of EDX and neuromuscular physicians belonging to the AMA, we cannot maintain these positions of influence,” said Millie Suk, JD, MPP, AANEM Health Policy Director.

AMA Benefits to Physicians and Residents
The AMA provides a multitude of resources to help strengthen your practice. The following benefits are outlined on the AMA website
  • Benefits for physicians
    • Support AMA's efforts to reduce regulatory burdens
    • Full-access to the JAMA Network™ (print journal, online and audio subscription)
    • Free access to CME
    • AMA Morning Rounds®, a daily briefing of news delivered direct to your inbox
    • Save hundreds on insurance and other services through the AMA Preferred Provider Offers and Services
  • Benefits for residents
    • Access to expert advice on contract terms, licensing and certification, and resident life
    • Access to discounts on insurance programs designed to protect your financial future
    • Access to networking opportunities 
    • Full-access to the JAMA Network™ (print journal, online and audio subscription)
Join the AMA Today!
For full details about the benefits of joining the AMA, visit the AMA website. To activate your AMA membership, complete the AMA’s online form or call (800) 262-3211. Be sure to indicate that you are joining as a representative of AANEM.

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