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Ensure Success Amid Reimbursement Cuts

Ensure Success Amid Reimbursement CutsPhysicians practicing electrodiagnostic (EDX) medicine have faced significant challenges this year. If you are one of them, you have undoubtedly felt the impact of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ decision to slash reimbursement for these procedures, in some cases up to 70%.

Find answers to your pressing questions at the AANEM 60th Annual Meeting: How did these cuts happen? What changes can physicians make to cope with the losses? How can physicians in private practice and institutions alike ensure survival in challenging times?

Watch: "Meeting Offers Neuromuscular Physicians Tools to Survive," AANEM President Peter Grant, MD

The meeting addresses these questions directly with sessions designed to help attendees understand reimbursement changes and to equip them with tips for dealing with the impact.

Sessions include:
  • EDX and NM Medicine: Looking to the Future as We Address Today’s Challenges
  • Protecting Your Practice Revenue With Effective Internal Collection Policies
  • How to Utilize Performance in Practice Modules
  • 2014 Code Changes You Should Know
  • Are You Ready for ICD-10?*
  • EMG Practice Management Pearls*
  • Fraud and Abuse: Now What?*
  • Special Interest Groups: Private Practice, Early Practice, Quality Issues and Fraud and Abuse
  • Accountable Care Organizations: What Impact Will They Have on Your Practice?
  • Coding Networking Room
To get advice and network with your colleagues, attend the annual meeting held October 16-19, 2013, in San Antonio, TX. Visit the meeting page for more information and to register today.

*Session requires an additional fee and may have limited availability.

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