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Committees Provide Opportunity to Network, ‘Shape the Future’

Serve on AANEM CommitteesShape the future of this organization by becoming involved in an AANEM committee or task force. All AANEM members are eligible—it doesn’t matter if you are in a private practice or an academic setting; whether you are new to your career or have been a member for a long time; or whether you are a physician, a technologist, or a researcher. The goal is to have each group represented. 
“For most committees, we simply look for a willingness to perform the work needed to advance the mission of the organization,” said Shirlyn A. Adkins, JD, Executive Director. “For committees involved in planning the annual meeting, it is required that members have attended at least one meeting in the last 3-5 years. This is to make sure you have an understanding of the types of sessions and topics offered at the meeting.”

Building a Diverse Network

The AANEM seeks to address issues faced by both academic and private practice providers. Striking a balance of committee members from various practice types and settings is an important component to ensuring the organization maintains an appropriate and meaningful focus.
"Serving on a committee is a chance to meet colleagues outside of your institution,” said Andrew Skalsky, MD, a physiatrist at University Of California San Diego and member of the Neuromuscular Update Course Committee. “There are an infinite number of variables when diagnosing and treating neuromuscular disorders. Sharing and learning with others can open up new treatment ideas or opportunities. Volunteering is a chance to contribute to the scientific community.”
Michele Arnold, MD, agreed that committee participation can lead to valuable network building. “Since my practice is fairly isolated and rural, serving on an AANEM committee affords me the opportunity to network with other leaders in my subspecialty,” said Arnold. “It allows me to be part of the collective voice of positive change amidst the oncoming reimbursement changes. Practitioners must speak up to define the metrics by which we will ultimately be measured, and AANEM committee work provides a means to shape the future of electrodiagnostic and neuromuscular practice.” Arnold has served on the Quality Improvement Committee since 2010.

Welcoming AANEM's Newest Members

The opportunity that committee participation provides for networking is not limited to veteran members. The AANEM recognizes the importance of incorporating its newest members—residents, fellows, technologists, researchers, and collaborators—to committees as well. Each group is unique in its needs, and the Board wants to ensure the variety of voices is heard. 
Prabhu D. Emmady, MD, began to serve as a junior member of the Graduate Medical Education (GME) Committee while in her fourth year of training at Penn State Hersey Medical Center. Now practicing in an academic setting, she currently serves on the GME and Marketing Committees.   
“I had the chance to interact and learn from expert faculty from other programs,” said Emmady. “I was able to bring a trainee’s perspective to the committee and to take what I learned back to my program.” 
For the past two years during his early post-graduate career, Maxim Moradian, MD, has served as a member of the GME and Program Committees. According to him, the experience has been formative, “Being on an AANEM committee has helped me continue developing my skills in leadership, teamwork, and event planning. I have an opportunity to work with leaders in the field of electrodiagnostic and neuromuscular medicine, who serve as role-model for young AANEM members like me,” said Moradian.
GME Committee Chair, Bonnie J. Weigert, MD, agreed that it is important to gather input from junior members and young physicians. “We need to know what they want from the organization,” she said.

Becoming Involved

If you haven’t volunteered to serve, please consider becoming involved. New committee members will start at the annual meeting, but now is the time to indicate your interest in serving. Volunteer opportunities can be found on the Committee page.

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