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AANEM in DC – Meeting with New Legislative Leadership & the OIG

An AANEM advocacy team spent the day in Washington, DC on February 15, 2019, meeting with newly elected and re-elected leadership of various healthcare related Congressional committees. Additionally, the team educated a group of investigative attorneys at the Office of Inspector General (OIG) on detecting and stopping EDX fraud and abuse.

AANEM Advocacy Advisors, Peter A. Grant, MD, and Vincent J. Tranchitella, MD, along with AANEM Health Policy Director, Millie Suk, JD, MPP, and AANEM’s lobbying team from the Health & Medicine Counsel of Washington, started the day off by meeting with 5 Congressional offices to educate them about the importance of quality EDX medicine and ways to ensure patients receive the best possible care. They spent the first half of the morning meeting with the offices of the Ranking Member (Sen. Rob Wyden, D-OR) and Chair (Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-IA) of the Senate Finance Committee, in addition to the office of Senator Tina Smith (D-MN – AANEM’s Senator). The group then headed over to the House side of the Hill and met with the office of Cong. Richie Neal (D-MA), Chair of the Ways & Means Committee. They closed the Hill visit with a personal visit with Congressman Greg Walden (R-OR) (pictured below).

“We had 5 great meetings. Each office that we met with was genuinely interested in learning more about NM and EDX medicine and some of the challenges that we are facing. We had lengthy conversations with each office and everyone seemed poised and ready to assist us in any way. This was a great way to start off the legislative season and we’re looking forward to following up with the offices when the AANEM State Liaisons head to Capitol in mid-May,” explained Ms. Suk.

Following the congressional meetings, the group headed to the OIG where Dr. Grant was personally invited to speak with a group of their investigative attorneys on detecting and stopping EDX fraud and abuse. Both Drs. Grant and Tranchitella gave a detailed presentation of the various types of fraud and abuse, along with tips on how to detect bad actors. The attorneys, who attended in-person and via teleconference, were very appreciative of the information and AANEM hopes to continue providing expertise to the OIG to help aid in future investigations.

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