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AANEM Returns to Capitol Hill to Promote Quality EDX Testing

- State Liaisons on the Capitol Steps(left picture - State Liaisons on the Capitol Steps)  (right picture – Dr. Peter Grant, left, presents award to Rep. Pete Sessions)

On Monday, May 8, AANEM State Liaisons traveled to Capitol Hill to educate Senators and Representatives about electrodiagnostic (EDX) medicine and the contemporary challenges facing the patient and professional community. During the event, advocates presented Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX) with a 2017 Distinguished Public Service Award for his bipartisan work to raise the issue of questionable billing and the need for quality standards in EDX medicine with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). In return, advocates were treated to a detailed presentation by the Congressman on the current dynamics and potential outcomes of the debate over healthcare reform.

The group met with dozens of congressional offices, calling on their members of Congress to support quality standards in EDX medicine, to improve MACRA during implementation so that draconian regulations do not hinder specialists and small providers, and to continue to provide meaningful investments in medical research through the National Institutes of Health. Specifically, congressional offices were asked to continue to feature EDX quality with CMS within the Committee Reports accompanying the annual appropriations bills, to support community efforts to meet with CMS to discuss models that prevent improper payments and move away from “pay and chase,” and to support novel efforts to advance quality standards with CMS.

The Capitol Hill visit culminated with a congressional education briefing. During the briefing, GBS|CIDP Foundation International Executive Director Lisa Butler reviewed the importance of timely and accurate NCS and EMG studies to the peripheral autoimmune neuropathy community.  AANEM Advocacy Advisor, Peter Grant MD, reviewed common forms of fraud and abuse that undermine patient access and the quality of care and AANEM Health Policy Director Millie Suk, JD, MPP discussed potential options and opportunities to address these challenges.
“I think our hill days are building momentum in Washington. Our talk with Congressman Pete Sessions was very productive and insightful on how the AANEM can work to maintain patient access to quality electrodiagnostic medicine,” said State Liaison Chair Ben Warfel, MD. The liaisons will follow up with the legislative offices this week to keep the momentum going.
We will continue to keep you informed as AANEM efforts to collaborate with CMS and Capitol Hill to promote quality standards in EDX medicine move forward. 
If you are interested in getting involved in any of the AANEM advocacy efforts or just want to learn more, contact the AANEM policy department at policy@aanem.org. Visit the action center on our website to learn more about how to set up a visit and talk with your legislators.

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