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AANEM News Express

AANEM Welcomes New President William S. Pease

AANEM is pleased to announce the selection of William S. Pease, MD, as President of the Board of Directors for 2016-17. He succeeds Vern C. Juel, MD, whose term ended on September 16, 2016.
Long active in the association, Dr. Pease joined AANEM in 1985, and has served as a workshop instructor, committee member and chair, and on ABEM’s Board and Exam Committee. He currently serves as the AANEM Delegate to the American Medical Association’s House of Delegates.
“As President, I look forward to contributing to the growth of AANEM in neuromuscular medicine physician membership, and toward the broader objective of excellence for all physicians in this field,” said Dr. Pease.
“We must grow for AANEM to thrive. Our ability to partner in funding research, and facilitating education and training at all levels are keys to attracting and retaining new members.”

Also key - “The balance of having both neurologist and physiatrist members has been an important source of our strength,” says Dr. Pease. “I have enjoyed developing relationships with both during my career.” Looking to the future, “The needs of Neurology and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation members are changing,” he said. “Our educational materials and venues for access are good, but we must continue to advance in technology and style to meet the needs of the iPad, interactive technology generation.”
Dr. Pease also believes collaborations will drive growth. “I support the AANEM’s efforts to network with other medical societies with interests related to neuromuscular medicine. Links with the Peripheral Nerve Society and others can position AANEM to benefit in members, ideas, shared meetings, and educational materials.”
Research is crucial. “We must continue to develop a research program to build a better future for both our members and their patients. We are the organization that can provide the audience needed by those innovators with new treatment ideas and diagnostic testing for persons with neuromuscular diseases, and our technology for patient care must also advance to better meet patient needs,” said Dr. Pease. “AANEM is where physicians have come to learn of botulinum toxin and ultrasound in neuromuscular medicine, and we need to assure that new ideas for future practice in the field are showcased at our meetings and in our publications.”
Advocacy will also be important, as this underscores our improving quality in health care. “AANEM must be active in scope of practice debates in all spheres as less well trained practitioners attempt to include electrodiagnostic tests in their practice.”
“I look forward to working with Dr. Pease to continue the work of the past AANEM presidents to move the organization forward,” said Shirlyn Adkins, JD, AANEM Executive Director. “We have accomplished a lot over the last few years but there is more to be done. We are working hard to meet the needs of the next generation of physicians.”
Dr. Pease received his medical degree at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, and completed his residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) at The Ohio State University (OSU) under Dr. Ernest Johnson. He has spent his career at OSU, as a faculty member in the Department of PMR, including 15 years as Chair, and has been a participating faculty member in Ergonomics and the Biomedical Engineering Department.

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