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2020 AANEM Annual Meeting Flyer

Annual Meeting

2020 AANEM Annual Meeting Goes Virtual

We hope that you and your family are all healthy and safe. Over the last few months, our Board and staff analyzed, discussed, and debated whether or not to hold the AANEM Annual Meeting live in October 2020. We have listened to you, seeing your feedback from the meeting survey and the emails sent to the office team. We all wanted the result of our discussions to be that we would meet in person. We wanted to see each other and learn together. Unfortunately, with the recent surge of COVID-19 in Florida, the travel bans on our members and the risk to our patients, the Board was forced to conclude that holding the meeting in Orlando in 2020 was impossible.

We are in the process of identifying what a virtual meeting will look like. Since we have a lot of great content and we know that no one wants to sit in front of a computer all day, we will likely extend the meeting outside of the October 7-10 dates to give everyone a greater opportunity to participate. AANEM will need to charge for the virtual meeting to offset the significant losses and additional expenses resulting from changing from a live in person annual meeting to a virtual meeting. 

- Yuen So, MD, AANEM President

More details about the Virtual 2020 Annual Meeting will be coming soon!






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